Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Do not pre-pour coffee grounds into filters and stack them. Coffee grounds lose their freshness when exposed to the air and will absorb foreign odors. The surrounding odors will destroy a pot of coffee. Shake the brew filter with coffee grounds before putting in the coffee machine to ensure […]

You can use a coffee grinder to mix up and grind your spices and herbs to make your own blends. Keep your spices away from sources of heat like the stove or lights. Herbs and spices can lose their flavour when exposed to humidity and heat. Store fresh herbs as you would fresh flowers: in […]

When you taste your soup, you may feel it is too salty. This happens from time to time to everyone. Add a peeled potato to your soup. After fifteen minutes, remove it. The potato will soak up any excess salt. It tastes pretty good later, too, as it has soaked up some of the flavour […]

If you’ve made your gravy too thick a tiny bit of coffee can thin it back out again. If your sauce is too thick, dilute with broth or water a tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is achieved.  Is your sauce too lumpy? Remove it from the heat immediately and toss it in your […]


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