The Search for Quality

As a Greek, I have been passionate about food and coffee service for as long as I can remember. My journey in the restaurant industry began first as a cook, then as a baker, and then as a restaurant owner, manager, and consultant. After dedicating many years to the front lines of the food service industry, I created GAMA Foods in 1997 with the vision of simplifying and improving the B2B food supply chain. And to this day, GAMA works tirelessly to bridge the gaps that sometimes disrupt the B2B food supply chain: In this way, we benefit quality food product producers and retailers alike. We have be-come a reputable major vendor on the East Coast, serving New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Canada — and now also various countries throughout Europe.

A Family Name

The name GAMA came from the first letter of my family’s names: G for Georgios (that’s me), A for Alexander (my son), M for Mary (my wife), and A for Aliki (my daughter). Thanks to my passion for the industry and for working with people, I developed a wide-ranging clientele of restaurants, diners, coffee shops, and began delivering high-quality coffee from some of the best family-owned coffee farms in the world. I owe this to my mentor, a coffee lover and a great man named Jack Kyriazakos who taught me the importance of quality coffee products. Our clients appreciated the quality and taste of our coffee so much that I was sold out before the bell rang for more. That’s when my daughter Aliki came to me with a drawing she had made of a coffee bean and said: “Daddy, here is Mr. Bean!” And so, our coffee label Mr. Bean was born.

From Coffee to Seasonings

Today, our clients can find an even greater variety of labels and coffee options on our website: We cater to the type of coffee you prefer—from green to ground. Not only do we tailor our coffee products to your needs, but we also have expanded our B2B services to include other popular restaurant products. We are happy to routinely deliver high-quality spices, seasonings, soup bases, and sauces to our clientele. We have a variety of labels and brands to help simplify operations, and we put the best possible ingredients in our clients’ kitchens.

Spice House of Saratoga

Together with a dear friend, George Sarbanis, “the flavor man,” we created our very own line of spices. Spice House of Saratoga, conceived of in Saratoga Springs, NY, is the result of many years of enjoying food and friendship. I also developed the Home Fry and Nostimo seasonings that became well-known throughout the United States, thanks to the famous chefs and line cooks that introduced it to their specialty plates.


Our Family to Yours

Since 1997, GAMA is a family-owned and operated business, and we consider the restaurants, coffee shops, and distributors we serve on a regular basis to be part of our family. For your convenience, we keep our service lines open 24/7 for any service or equipment inquiries you may have.


Our mission is to simplify the food service supply chain for restaurants, coffee shops, and distributors all over the world. No need is too big or too small! Our philosophy is Simplicity, and our priority is Quality. All our products are sourced sustainably, and our spices and blends meet all USDA compliances. We believe in building long-lasting relationships. We hope to hear from you, and to become your global vendor.

GAMA Foods Benefits

  • We offer no minimum orders
  • We supply you with labels, whether our labels or your own
  • We promise fast delivery! Please note we deliver to commercial addresses only
  • Easily make your orders by using our web shop
  • Join our affiliate program and add us to your distributor line

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